Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Challenges

I just wrote this post for my 100 day challenge group and think its probably important enough to share here too.

One of my intentions for this season2 challenge was to eat better and exercise more and I think it was one of those that I added on to the end. It wasn't a major focus although something I have wanted to do. I can't say i have been diligent with it at all. In fact the other day i was lamenting to myself, why is it that I keep making lousy food choices. On one had these choices give me comfort on some level but can make me miserable on others. I have an acid reflux problem so eating some things really does make sleeping at night miserable. So the question is why do I still do it, Some of this is the Ego making me think I need these things but maybe its more than that. I did ask the Universe for help on this matter and also thought I wonder what its going to take to make me change. Well the Universe I think supplied the answer yesterday.

I had my annual womens checkup yesterday and found out my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers are way off the scale. My Dr. has suggested a low fat diet for 6-8 weeks, increase exercise and then to get checked again. If there is no improvement then I am going to need to go on medication. The one thing I hate is taking medications, I already have 3 that I have to take every day and I am determined not to have to take anything else. This is a strong motivator for me but I am not certain if it will be enough to counteract a lifetime of not eating right. In some ways it feels like that this is the time I will be able to change this pattern and I am excited to start on this journey. I mean how many bags of potato chips does a person really need to eat in a lifetime!

I am putting this out there cause I know I am going to need your support and encouragement in the next few months. This is a journey I want to go on and I don't think I would be doing so if I weren't doing the challenge. I know that you'll be going on it with me and that in itself is a major help. Thanks for reading this long post. I love you all.



Sheila said...

Kate, I know all too well the misery of acid reflux, and have to take Prevacid every morning in order to be free of it. I dislike prescriptions but I dislike feeling unwell even more. I learned a while ago that the best way to grocery shop is to only choose from the perimeter of the store. Breads, dairy, produce and meats and fish. Everything else in the aisles is usually processed, filled with additives and really not good for us.
It does help.
When my husband is on late shift as he is now, I tend to eat junk rather than cook just for myself.
Sometimes improving our health is the best incentive for improving the way we eat. I hope you do well.

Kate I said...

Kate, I too have the same problem although over the last few years I've cleaned up my diet a lot, but still craved sweets. I got the word last fall that along with my cholesteral being too high, my blood suger levels are too high too and if things contine in this direction, Type 2 Diabetes is just around the corner.

...soo...I too have had to start eating in a way that will promote a healthier body and balence my insulin levels. I no longer get the 'sweet' cravings on this insulin balencing diet and have lost several pounds (with many more to go!) which is encouraging.

This is all to say that you're not alone here and I support you on this journey to better health!

You're right, we know better!

Julie said...

I am just like you, Kate. I hate taking meds. I take two for high blood pressure and one for depression. I don't want to take one for cholesterol too.

I've already told you that I admire you so much for all the challenges you give yourself. I did challenge myself to accept a role in a round robin altered book. So far I am on track.

Shop girl said...

We are in this together Dear Kate, I am doing Weight Watchers, good days...bad days. I find night to be my worst time. It never registered that I was eating so much bad stuff at night. So the sun goes down and I am ready to eat the side of the ref.
I know that if I lose 50 pounds the world will look and feel much better for me.
So go for it girl, I am here!
Happy Easter!