Thursday, March 27, 2008

Down but not out

I have been challenged by this new diet, yes I am always hungry and now I have a stomach flu. I spent the day on the couch yesterday just feeling blah but today it feels like that nausea you get with the flu so I guess I will take it easy today, again.

We got a couple inches of snow this morning and wind so its miserable out. Just when I thought spring was coming. The robins and Dove's are back and I saw a woodpecker yesterday too. So there is hope. I'll be back when I feel a little better.


PJ said...

We are about to have some snow, too. Always sad to see the robins lined up on the fence wondering why they came early ;) Hope you feel better!

Shop girl said...

I am not feeling very well, sinus and whatever. My diet is not going well, I seem to be eating trying to feel better...what is that about!
We have had snow here in the Ole Treasure Valley...not alot, I am so ready for spring...the one with flowers and green grass!
Hugs, get well Mary