Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday Evening

Ah the changing of the clocks always is an adjustment. I decided to in part take it easy today but also spend some time in the studio. I painted the paper for a new journal cover and made the journal today. I tried all day to get the pictures to upload with no success so I am back on Monday trying again. For some reason it will only let me load one picture at a time.

This is the front, those are a series of butterfly's on the front. When I was putting paint on the paper I added some Shiva oil sticks and ended up with a hole on the paper somehow. So I covered it up with more paper. I could have worked around it if I had seen it before I cut the piece out. Then I found a hole on the back too.

Here are the inside covers. At first I couldn't find any end papers in my stash that I liked so I layed down cream card stock and then this music paper over the top. I think it looks ok, its not jazzy but the music notes are cool in their own right.

This is the back of the journal. The colors look a little washed out, its prettier in person. This one is full of watercolor paper and it all sort of different brands which made it difficult to make but I think it will still work out for art. Right now it won't close. That happened with the other journal I made to but now its ok so I think this one will settle down a little. I am going to put something heavy on it to see if that helps

Saturday I got these bundle of goodies in the mail from Violette. There is a lovely card along with bookmark, magnet and more of her Art. She is such a sweetie.

I especially liked the sticker with the bubble and message, it was like she was saying hello and I could actually see her. A really nice touch.

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Gemma said...

Hi Kate...Sorry I've not been around to the blogs lately. I've missed alot here. What great things Violette sent you. I still have some goodies for you too...
Sending lots of love and looking forward to seeing you soon!