Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All dressed up with nowhere to go

I feel like a person all dressed up with nowhere to go. My one appointment today was for my annual exam and the office called fifteen minutes before I needed to leave to cancel it. Its strange if I didn't have the appointment I would be doing a trillion other things but now since I have showered dressed eaten and put on makeup I feel like I need to be going somewhere. Its hard to switch gears at the last minute.

Tomorrow I head up to McCall Idaho to help out a friend. She has a van up there being repaired. We'll go together in her car and the going back I will drive her car and she will drive the van. We are spending the night at her sisters house. Its a 7 hour drive so we won't do it in one day. I have never been to McCall so it should be an interesting trip.

I have been reading this

and it is so excellent, I am working on the curiosity exercises and finding them to be very profound. The first thing you do is write down 100 questions which I found to be hard to do. Then you pick your top ten and then one of those and come up with 10 questions about it. It is a very interesting exercise to do. I recommend this book to anyone exploring creativity in their lives or working any kind of project.


KaiBlueCreations said...

My daughters boyfriend saw this in my library and borrowed it, he loves the book. Looks like I've lost another one of my paper friends to another owner..
I love sharing them. :)
Peace, Kai xx

Sheila said...

Sometimes it takes an appointment to get me up, washed and fed at a civilized hour !
Enjoy the trip and drive safely. Take photos on the way up if you can..xx

judie said...

I too have the "Think Like Leonardo" book. I read about half and put it down....my interest waned. Same with "The Artists Way" and "The Secret". I can't seem to find a book that keeps my interest to the end. I have Montel's "Living Well" now,and a Tao Watercolor book...same thing. Sometimes I have three or four books going at once. Guess I have a "scattered" mind. Have a safe trip. Do you still have your llama? Would love to see a close up pic.

Shop girl said...

You may have already left...I hope you have a good time in McCall. We try to go to the Ice Carnival every winter but the roads were to bad this year. It used to be this cute little place with wonderful little stores, now the population has come in and it isn't as layed back as before. But it is really pretty, and the drive is nice too.
Let me know what you think?
Hugs, Mary
Be safe!

tinker said...

I've seen that book recommended before - one of these days I'll have to check it out.
Hope you found something fun to do, as long as you were dressed to go out. It is hard to switch gears like that, midstream, to mix up my metaphors.
Have a good trip~xo

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate! I just wanted to stop by. Your blog is always so wonderful to visit. Thanks for sharing with us! *HUGS*