Thursday, March 06, 2008

Give Her a Call

Its my mothers birthday today. She would have been ninety today. I am missing her smile and her laugh and her soul. Go give your mother a call if you can. Time is always precious.

Here is a picture of my parents taken long ago.

Costume Saga Continues:

I used Rit dye remover on the sleeve and it took the pink out and also made the beige color white. Now the sleeve is a different color and won't match the other sleeve or the rest of the costume. Sarah has more fabric so she'll mail it to me so I can make another sleeve. Hopefully the dyeing will work better the next time. I think I will try dyeing on some more samples before I do the actual sleeve again. Wish me luck.


Pam Aries said...

Hi Kate! THat is a very sweet reminder! THanks! you look s omuch like your Mom! I see the resemblance so clraly1 She is a lovely lady!

Janet said...

My mom has been gone since 1978 and I still miss her. I don't think we ever get over not having our moms.

I hope your sleeve experience goes better today. Dyeing fabric is such a tricky thing sometimes. I used to dye things all the time but haven't done it in years. Good luck!