Saturday, March 22, 2008

Start with a flower

Here is a page I did from one of Suziblu's challenges. Just draw a flower and see what else results. So thats what I did, mine are pretty one dimensional but I still like them. I used Folkart paints in my moleskin.

New Eating

I have discovered if you want to start a new eating plan it helps if you haven't gone grocery shopping in a long time. I have all this food that I have to eat up first, isn't that silly. I think I am going to take my cheese over to a meeting next week. Right now I trying to eat sensibly but may move into doing the South Beach diet in a modified version. That is basically one of the white diets, no potatoes, no sugar, white flour, pasta etc. All these diets always have you eating fish so being allergic to fish makes the choices even more limited for me. So I think I will read up a little and try one of these but add my own spin to it.

Artsy stuff

I finished up my latest Round robin and I won't show it because its very simple. I ended up using a lot of decorative paper just because they seemed perfect for the theme which was fall. You can't go wrong with paper that has leaves and pumpkins and sunflowers. My pages were fun but simple and not very artsy I'm afraid.

I am in that Healing and Inspiration Deck swap so that will be my next focus. I decided to do one of the cards on turtle medicine, similar to what I did on the journal page but a little different of course. I am not sure what else I do, I seem to be drawn to animals so one on the crow would be cool too. I will just see what develops.

My painting class starts soon, I have most of the supplies gathered was out looking for something yesterday and ran into canvases at 50% off. I had ordered come 11 x 14's from Daniel Smith since they have a great sale but this store had some different sizes so I picked up some of them just to see what I might like to use in the future. I got an 8 x 10 and a 12 x 12, 16 x 20 and 12 x 24. I usually like just standard sizes since they are easier to frame but it will be fun to play with these. The store was marketing these for scrapbook style pieces and home decorating. I thought that was interesting.

Have a great weekend!


artbrat said...

I love your flower page. Its very cheerful. I'm so glad you're going to do the turtle for one of your cards. I've been thinking about turtles lots since seeing your beautiful mola design. Cant wait to see how the card turns out.

KaiBlueCreations said...

I love turtles so much, I have a tattoo of one on my back.. I'll look forward to seeing your card Kate.. Lovely flora!!
PEace, Kai xx