Thursday, March 20, 2008

Play day and Peace

Some weeks my days are really filled in until Thursday gets here. Its like I can say ah Thursday I don't have to do anything today if I don't want. I have a great desire to stay in pajamas all day and do whatever strikes me at the moment. That may mean Art or weaving or being on the computer for hours or just reading. It makes for a nice day, a little way to recharge.

I have been collecting supplies for my Painting Faces classes. I am happy that I already have lots of the supplies. I would have thought I had every type of paintbrush but of course I don't. I have never used mop brushes so it will be interesting to see how they are used. I probably could have used my filberts but I think if I want to get the full benefit from the class I should use the supplies recommended. I had to get some fixative too. I really could use it on my other drawings so it will get double use. I like when that happens.

I attended a peace rally yesterday and it was a great time, these events locally just seem to get bigger as each year of the war goes on. I took some video but I have not downloaded it or edited it yet. I was on the nightly new, my little claim to fame this week. We had 5 minutes of silence for each year of the war where people either froze or lay down to represent all those killed in the war. We also did a candle light vigil for those fallen. It was an animated group of people of all ages. Some people brought their dogs with little sandwich board signs on them. I really liked seeing all the dogs, that was great to having them participate too. Here is the video I took.

We now have his and her scopes for wildlife viewing. D got one for me to use, its a big heavy duty thing that should hold up during windy days. It has the capability to use a camera with it. So maybe when we head to Yellowstone this year I will be able to come back with some incredible pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wow, great content!

KaiBlueCreations said...

aloha Kate,
dont forget to bring that to Sedona, NG says the flowers are simply gorgeous.
Im glad you got out to a peace rally.. We got flooded here.. Dont cha love spring?
PEace, Kai xx

Julie said...

Sundays are my day for staying in PJs all day. I usually try to read a book every Sunday.

Gemma said...

Your You tube Peace Rally touched me to tears. We are kindred!
love you!