Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An eventful trip

I am back from the trip to McCall and what an adventure it turned out to be. Sadly I did not take any pictures so you will have to use your imagination here.

We had a lovely ride up there. McCall is a really beautiful area, they had tons of snow and it was quite picturesque. We stayed with Kay's sister and brother in law. we went out to a local place for dinner and spent the evening quietly at home. The real adventure did not begin till Thursday.

First let me tell you about the van, Its a 1973 VW van with the bed that lifts up on the top. This van was in a field for ten years before my friend acquired it. She got a high school age boy to make it his school project and he along with her sister who is an upholsterer worked on it on and off for 2 years. The inside is nice with all new seats and a great stereo system, they removed the stove but it has nice cupboards and a bed too. The outside of course looks old it needs a paint job badly. She plans to take the vehicle to Mexico where she plans to work at some Organic farms.

All went smooth until about 150 miles from home. She had added some oil the last time we stopped. NOW black smoke was coming out of the back. We found the oil was low again and their was oil all over the engine...not a good sign. We left the vehicle on the side of the road on the freeway and then she got in the car with me and we drove to the next town Burley, which was only 5 miles away.

While in the gas station looking up mechanics in the yellow pages we asked the clerk if there was a VW repairman. She was a teenager so had no clue. At this point someone in the gas station said he knew a mechanic and he was just a block away so we followed him. He introduced us to the mechanic and his wife who ran the office. they were very nice, it was 4:45 at the time and they stayed open to help. He suggested we add more oil and then come back and he would look at it. So we picked up some oil and drove back to where the car was. We added oil and headed back to Burley. After looking at it he thought the engine needed to be rebuilt, something about a seal needing replacement. We asked if we could drive it home and he said to keep oil in it and then to drive slow. So for the last 150 miles we drove 50 mph on the freeway to get home. It took forever but we got home safe and sound. The joys of owning a VW van right Kai and Pam.

Here is a pic of Sarah and her boyfriend Kyle when the went Salsa Dancing. College kids get to have all the fun...

I got the supply list for my painting faces class and luckily there are only a few things I need to buy. Its is 2 weeks and I can't wait to begin.

Here is my latest pencil drawing. I think its time to get a different view to start playing with. Its been suggested to try drawing faces from magazines so I may just do that next time.


Janet said...

VW vans are really cool but my daughter had nothing but repair bills when she had a VW!!

I think your drawing is great! As for magazine pictures, I did that for awhile several years ago. My advice would be to find faces with some shadows because it makes it easier and more interesting. And I also tried drawing them upside down. It makes you look at the lights and darks and not think about what it is you're drawing.

KaiBlueCreations said...

VW Buses are thee most darling vehicles but the most tempremental things on the planet, so I can certainly Identify with this situation Kate. Sunny has done all sorts of bits on me, and Im sure Pam has had the same with hers.
There is a site called type 2.com and they can really help people with buses out especially the AIRS list.
Your art picture is just spiffy, I like the personal style of them..
PEace, Kai