Monday, November 13, 2006

Travel Swap

Well my pictures from the Travel Swap can be found here

I am still plugging away on the book, I am suffering from 2nd week blues. This is where you think everything you have written is crap and you would really like to start over. I keep on trying though so that is good.

I really don't have time to read peoples blogs anymore let alone comment to them. I am missing that.

I had this great thing happen to me on Sunday. I got a fan phone call. Someone who bought my fiber at Three Wishes in Salt Lake City called me to tell me how much she appreciated my work. I was quite surprised and pleased at the same time. It made my day.


Lisa said...

When someone takes the time to call, they must really, really love your work. That must feel great!

Congrats on continuing to write. I had to laugh about the 2nd week blues. Isn't it funny how alike we all are in some ways? It's good you recognize this stage for what it is though and just keep on truckin'. :)

LisaOceandreamer said...

how positively wonderful that someone took the time to contact you. What a joyful feeling!

You can do this writing thing Kate...and you KNOW we all get these blues that stop us in our tracks for a time(the good thing is they go away too)...just know you have loving support. blogs can wait....we have the light on for you!