Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pocatell Write In

There is a NaNoWriMo group in Pocatello that had a write in today at 12:30 so I decided to go. I packed up the laptop and went down a little earlier just in case I got lost.The location was near Idaho State University so of course you could not park anywhere near the campus. I had to park 3 long blocks away, which isn't a big deal unless you are hauling a heavy laptop. I managed though, I met 2 other writers and stayed about 1 1/2 hours. It was fun, the big thing is that I reached 10,000 words, now that was exciting. Now I haven't been able to write anything since. I hope I don't have writers block, yikes.. Last night there was a meeting with writers here in Idaho Falls and I met some wonderful people that will be great to associate with, I love how that works out.

I fail to understand why some parts of your life can be going so good and then others are a downright disaster. I stopped on the way home to get gas and the gas pump denied my debit card. All I could say was #$*(. I came home and got online only to discover I was 89.00 in the red, and that included 3 bounced checks with charges of $66.00. Talk about having a bad day. I have been depressed ever since. I get myself in these money fixes all the time, when am I gonna learn....

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