Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Tenth Dyepot

After the tenth dyepot I notice that my shoulders hurt, my arms hurt and I am just bone tired. My friend Amy is going to Salt Lake on Wednesday so that was a perfect opportunity to send some dyed fibers to Kristines's shop. I had dyed 8 pound last week and I did 10 more today, so I should be able to fill up the shelves at Three Wishes again. All to keep those christmas shoppers happy.

I got All creatures Great and Small from the library and have been watching a few episodes here and there. I love the setting and I get to spend time in Yorshire again. What a treat. I just love the actors they get for that show. Some of these old timers look like they stepped out of the 1800's. Of course I always love the episodes with sheep in them, but they are all so fun. I just love the interaction between the Farnon brothers. They are so funny sometime.

Its week 3 of nanowrimo and I seem to be keeping up. Sarah and I both ordered the tshirt so now we are determined that we will finish. I don't want to wear the shirt if I don't win. So I am determined. A special thanks to aall my supporters. You are great!


Kai said...

Aloha Kate, I know this is sort of a weird request, but do you have any yarn in Blue colours and if so, could I possibly beg, steal, BUY, have, about 12" of each colour for a totally daft project Im concocting?
Peace, Kai.

Lisa said...

Way to go. It's so awesome that you're doing so well on keeping up with NaNoWriMo. I look at the word count and am sort of amazed. On top of that, you're dyeing your own fibers and everything. It just blows me away. Keep up the awesome work.

altermyworld said...

you go girl!!!! you can do. You HAVE to be able to say "been there done that and got the t-shirt"