Friday, November 03, 2006

Look whose Fifty

It was cold, it was too early to be out in the cold but it was still fun. Sylvia stays up late so we could not do it the night before. My friend Sylvia turned 50 on Thursday so we had to do something special. I took the idea from my friend Violette and we collected bras, thongs and a girdle and dyed them purple and hung them in Sylvia's front yard.

Some were hung off bailing twine and others we just threw up in her trees.

Here are my co-conspirators Amy and Molly trying to see if the camera worked. It was so cold that my camera wasn't working all that well.

Amy and myself by the sign "Look whose 50", there is the girdle hanging from it. It was funny because some of the parts of the bras and underwear didn't dye so we had a variety of color. It was also hard doing all this without making any noise.

That evening we surprised her again by being at Johnny Carinos where Paul her husband was taking her to dinner.

Here are Sylvia and Paul.

Here are Cj and Dave Godfrey perusing the menu.

Dick and Debbie Culllison and Tim Kaser trying to sleep

Madeleine and Barb were a real date, they even ordered the same thing.

At this point the battery in my camera gave out and no one else had a camera, so no pics of me, Dave, Amy or Ginger. We had a nice leisurely dinner and had a great time. It was nice seeing some old friends again. Sylvia is saving all the bras for the next victim.


Anonymous said...

That is just to funny. What did she think of it all.

Sioux said...

I love it!!

Lisa said...

This was the coolest!