Saturday, November 04, 2006

Newspaper Challenge

My friend Pam over at Violette's message board gave us a challenge to draw faces on newsprint. It was done by another artist whose name escapes me at the moment in the current issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. My funny faces are here. They are nothing special just drawn with a Pitt pen and then colored in with either watercolor pencil or twinkling H2o's. A fun little exersize.

I am blogging because I am procrastinating on the book. I spent today shopping for junk food for the month. I decided to come down to my art room to write. Its isolated so there are no distractions and with the small heater its nice and warm. Now I need a little fridge down here and I could really become a hermit.

I think my therapy is going to change soon. I am pretty much doing the exercises on my own. I seem to be at a certain level of pain. It does get better but it is never perfect. I believe the exercise does help but it doesn't eliminate the pain just makes it more tolerable. I may go on the plan where I just go work out there on their equipment at my own time. It will be a lot cheaper to do that. Then if I really need a massage I will get one for the whole body. I talk to my therapist on Monday but I think that is what will happen.

I went out looking for a rug to put under my desk and everything is either huge, not appropriate or the wrong color. I guess I will have to keep looking.


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I think your challenge drawings are great!!
NOW go Kate can do can accomplish this novel and anything else you need to do. Jumping in a cheer to keep you going!! GO GO!
p.s. thank you for the Kimono pic as well, how fantastic to own one yourself. I just collect bits of them wherever I can find them.

Kai said...

I like all your challenge paintings but I think 1st woman is my favorite!!
I know about procrastinating, Ive been putting off my book for 13 years
Lots of massages, wine and quietness and you'll have that book finished in no time!!

PEace, Kai