Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best Laid Plans

Sometimes I hate the way you plan something the day before and there is no way its going to work out. I have nothing on my plate for today. I have a craving for home made mac and cheese. So in between trying to figure out my characters and motive and all that I thought I would cook some macaroni and cheese. Well I got the macaroni cooked and drained and started to make the white sauce needed and discovered we have about 1 cup of milk left. Do you think we have any dry milk, well of course not. So here my noodles sit until I can drive to town to get some milk. There goes a wasted hour at least.

Last night I took apart the pirate sock again. The color changes are all occuring at the bottom of the foot. After 2" of that I realize its a little bumby there, that will not feel good. So I ripped it out and will try to do the changes on the inside right of the sock. I need good light to put the stiches back on the needle so I will wait till morning to tackle this.

I did some dyeing before the snow hit, so I spent time getting that all weighed and packaged. Its in a box now waiting for someone from here to go to Salt Lake and deliver them for me. I had 3 fleeces processed in SLC and I need to go pick them up from my friend Ginger. It looks like 2 trips out today for sure. I keep finding too many new ways to procrastinate.

I had better get to town now.



Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
I guess we who live like 5 minutes from a store take it for granted that you'd be miles from one. Im sorry your Mac cheese is taking longer then planned.
Im glad im not the only person who gets the writers blues.At least you have the courage to do yours.. It's my big plan for next year, like a new years resolution.. To finish a book. (maybe..)
BIG HUG..you're my writing inspiration!! you have to finish.. no pressure.. lol..
Peace, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

man, that must have been so frustrating! You sure are balancing a lot along with your writing....GOOOOOO KATE....I admire you so much for taking this on and so wish I had more dedication to do this. Like Kai, I hope to do real writing next year!!!
We're behind you 100%!