Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pam's Challenge/Shetland Roving


Pam over at Violette's message board gave us a new challenge. This my favorite coffee mug to drink out. I like it because its big. I have another one I like too. I may draw that later. It has sheep on it and I bought in the Cotswolds in England 2 years ago. It has all these special memories attached. Its much harder to draw. So I did the so called easier one. I wanted to specially thank Kai and Lisa for sending me such encouraging notes regarding the book. You help me keep going. You are the best.

I had some of my Shetland prepared into roving, I picked it up last night. Now I have clouds of white and grey fluff to sell. Here they are. I have 2lbs of all three and a little more of the white. Cyndi are you reading this. I will sell the whole lot or smaller amounts. 4 oz 6.25 8 oz 12.50 1lb. 25.00. here is your chance to get some wonderful Shetland roving. All you Salt Lakers Amy is coming up next Wed and could deliver it if you want. Just let me know.


This one is very light grey from my old rams robbie or zane I am not sure which.


This one is white with a slight amount of grey threads from my Ewe Luna.

This one is more pure white from Gabrielle.

Oh as a postscript, the Macaroni and Cheese was fantastic. In fact I made so much that I will be eating it for days.....

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LisaOceandreamer said...

woohoo, you got your mac and cheese. isn't it great to finally satisfy a craving?
do you felt too? I bought the coolest piece of felted wool at a store recently(they only had a few), just a large rectangle and I made a bird from part of it. I just love it but not readily found already felted.