Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ok Fiber Content

This one is for Judy, who complained of no fiber content of late. I looked around the house to look for anything that I haven't shown or talked about.

This is a pic of all my handspun yarns and spinning fibers all organized beautifully. Hey I challenge anyone out there to go ahead and show us your stash.

This is a pic of all the yarns I have received for a special project I am doing. I guess I don't need dark anymore, some white and grey would be helpful.

Here is some rayon yarn I bought to do a triangular shawl. It is non-typical of my color choices, greens and browns. I am mixed it with another rayon yarn, that is goldish bown. They look pretty good together.

Here is a close up of the yarns on a small sampler loom. I think it will look quite nice when I get around to weaving it. I have some plain old Lion Brand Homespun on the shawl loom right now. That needs to be woven before I can begin this one. Now Judy, I think that is enough fiber content. I need to get back to the fiber content of the book now.

Update: I made to past the 1/4 mark. I've got over 13,260 now. I am almost caught up to yesterdays goal. Yippee another milestone...


Kai said...

Cheerleading you on with the word count..
It will be awesome and so worth it..
PEace, Kai

LisaOceandreamer said...

I am rah rah rahing for you're doing GREAT!! GOOOOO KATE!!