Sunday, December 16, 2007

More little collages

I have continued to work in the little journal, here are some results. I find it my process to work on many different ones at the same time. I rarely seem to sit and just do one. I think I did 10 backgrounds one night and maybe will add a few pictures here and there and then it seems like I find just the right thing that seems to finish it off. Most of these backgrounds were done with the portfolio oil pastels, but this first one I used the Shiva paint sticks and although you can't see much of the background I found it fun to do. The colors I used were black, copper and white.

I really like these two especially the one on the right. I never know when they are done so the one on the left might need something else.

Lots of brown and rust, colors I rarely work with so this was challenging.

I used the red oil pastel on this one and its really hot pink. This was another hard one. The one on the right will probably get something else added at a later date. It looks a little sparse to me.

My attempt at a 1940's piece, maybe the woman is longing to hear if her soldier boyfriend is coming back.

I enjoyed working on these green pages, they have a lot going on and the images were fun to work with.

The yellow pages are still evolving. I like this picture of the girl in the kimono and used Japanese paper to accent it, but I think it needs something else added. The same could be said for the other side. What happens to me is that I will go work on another page and come back to this later and it will come to me just what it needs. Maybe pages need to germinate for awhile.

This one was done a long time ago, but I never posted it for some on reason.


MissKoolAid said...

I love your pages. My favorite is the green one with the word "dream" on it. I enjoyed your Supplies videos. It's fun to see what different artists use as supplies.

BTW I received your card. Thank you! It's beautiful.

Julie Marie said...

I love the 40s piece, and the green page on the right.


Sharon said...

Well, I just like all you journal pages. You have a very nice little book going.

Gemma said...

Love your art...and have enjoyed your videos about backgrounds and supplies.
Guess what I did yesterday?
I went cotton pickin'for you!
What fun...There was a blackbird sitting on a stalk watching me.

Scarlet said...

I'm planning to do collages based on my favorite books, starting w/ Memoirs of a Geisha (inspired by your Japanese girl/paper on this post). Thanks!

Janet said...

I really like all these collages. The rust pages and the green pages are my favorites....both colors I usually don't work with either.