Sunday, December 09, 2007

A little bit of collage

I finally put my inability to do anything to an end. I pulled out that little journal that some of the Glitter Sisters have sent art for. I had no theme in mind just started doing color on the page. Here are some of the results.

This one started with the yellow scrap on the left. Its the first one I did and my favorite. It consisted of just papers and ribbon.

I began this one with the Tazo label and it developed from there on. It has papers and stamping and some chipboard accents.

These two are still works in progress. I pulled out the portfolio pastels and just put blocks of color on and looked for things that went with it. I used stamps and stencils on the background, using both Adirondak and Colorbox inks. I made some other backgrounds and I'll show them once something more is done with them. It felt good to just be playing with no goals in mind.


Lisa said...

I love these pages, Kate! I'm finding that I want to play in my journal more than I want to do anything else. I have to save it as a reward for working...or sometimes I'm just a bad girl and work on it without deserving it. hehe Your backgrounds are always soooooo gorgeous!

Gemma said...

Your book is beautiful!

Janet said...

Beautiful!! I like them all.

Lisa said...

I forgot to tell you Thank you for the Christmas card! We love it.

MissKoolAid said...

I like your journal pages. I like the colours. Can't wait to see the rest!


Julie Marie said...

I love the top collage especially. I get my board books at thrift shops too.