Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A helping hand

These are some of the wonderful gifts I received yesterday

First everyone always needs a little hand so now I have this big one. I wanted help drawing hands so I asked for this hand model. It doesn;t swivel as much as a real hand but its a good start.

Then there were movies to while away the hours.

Then a calender to make sure that I make all those important dates.

Some new music to soothe the soul

New electronic toys to spend hours with. The iPod touch on the left and the Flip camcorder on the right.

We all need some crazy socks, These are called mismatched socks and you get 3 different ones in a package to mix up.

A felted scarf to keep me warm. It was hard getting a good picture of this it has spirals and swirls felted into it and is incredibly soft.

It's all quiet here today, Sarah has gone to work and Dave went to the gym to work out. I have been playing with my camcorder and here is a short movie with Flynn my dog.


Tinker said...

Glad Santa brought so many fun goodies for you - you must have been really good this year :)
love the socks and the scarf!

Gemma said...

Flynn and snow so will have a blast with your new camcorder. Love the hand and your scarf is gorgeous!

Leah said...

what fun gifts! flynn is adorable and i love that scarf you got! happy holidays!

Cre8Tiva said...

now i really, really, really want some of those socks...where did you get them??? and your hand is wonderous...santa was good to you...hugs, r

Anonymous said...

Man those socks look warm! I just loved seeing your dog!!! :) Wonderful video! I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas!*HUGS*