Monday, December 10, 2007

Great Finds at $1.50

We got some snow today, just when there was no forescast for it, its only a couple inches but it still looked pretty.

My friend Amy called to say that the thrift store she works at had something I want, so I stopped in to look.

I bought this little board book to alter, I chose it beacuse it was in really good shape --- price .50

Next was what I came for, an old suitcase. I plan to decorate the outside and use it to store craft supplies when I go to classes. I wished it had been this gorgeous leather like others I have seen but since it will be covered up anyways that does not matter at all.

The inside had this beautiful silk lining. I look at it and wonder just who used the suitcase and I wonder all the places it may have traveled, I like to think they were exotic and the woman who used it had grand adventures. If any of you have seen altered suitcases anywhere would you share the link with me?

I did this little video on the 100 day challenge and I am also showing the art from a couple days ago and some new backgrounds too.


Sheila said...

Love the pod cast, it is nice to see and hear you Kate..!
The suitcase is lovely, please be sure to share the finished product with us.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Loving the video, it's awesome and really lets me know you better.
I love the finds from the thrift stores, I'll be waiting to see what you make from them.

Your BEAUTIFUL card got here and is on my mantel, thanks and merry everything!!

PEace, Kai xx

Gemma said...

Hi Kate! I always enjoy your videos...Really like the new backgrounds you've made. It's a great idea if you are not sure what you want to do...just make some backgrounds to use later.

Birdsong said...

There is an event here every year at the time of Dia de los Muertos, called The Altar Show, and individuals/teams do installations to honor a person who has died, an idea, etc. I have seen suitcases used as a way to encapsulate a person's life, much like the imaginary traveler you are describing, and will look to see if I can find you any links to photos.

Candace said...

Just a few inches of snow?!!! Here in Ohio we're just praying it doesn't make it here. I love altered suitecases. Can't wait to see what becomes of it. Happy creating!!