Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Surprise Foiled

I am so upset, I find this present for Sarah for Christmas, its a hardcover book by an author she really likes. He hasn't written anything in a long time. I think what a perfect surprise this will be. So often she get things from a list she has made, no real surprises and I think this year I will really have a delightful surprise. I go ahead and order it from Amazon all excited that it will be so much fun seeing her face on Christmas morning. Only to find that she bought the book yesterday. We always tell her at Thanksgiving to not buy anything for herself and of course she didn't listen.

Now I need to return the book and find something else and I only have 9 days to do it in. I know I shouldn't be so upset about this but its the third time this has happened to me. The other times she walked in on me when I was weaving a surprise shawl for her and the other time when I ordered candy from England for her. Why is it when I try to do something special it always goes wrong. I think this is one of those posts that I will regret posting tomorrow but I have to vent it somewhere.


Olivia said...

Maybe you will laugh about it together, Kate...I think it is the sweetest thing that you know your daughter so well that you buy her things she really truly wants. I can't imagine how it would feel to have a mother who was always getting, making, or ordering surprises for me. I wouldn't care what in tarnation she bought; I'd just be thrilled that she loved me and was trying so hard to please me. I'm sure I'd have a good laugh over it; if it were me (it isn't of course) I'd even want to keep the book that you'd hopefully inscribed and then have two copies of it, or I'd give the other one have something so heart-felt from my mom.

Well, that's just my take on it, Kate. I don't mean to minimize your distress, but that's what's so beautiful, that you care so much.



Sharon said...

"Like mother like daughter" or something like that. So cool that you "get her". She just doesn't realize it maybe. She never dreamed that you would really get the book even if you found it. She loved it so much, she couldn't pass it up or take a chance on not ever finding it again.
I bet you will happen upon something that is just as grand. You know nothing ever happens before it is time.
Love your visits.
Oh yes, you are so brave to do a video.