Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cookies, Cards and Dinner Out

I am baking cookies to send to Sarah and then doing Christmas Cards. I do not know what made me think it would be cheaper to make my own cards. I am constantly heading to the craft store for more supplies. It seems never ending. I have made about twenty and I need to do that many again. Oh well it is fun anyways.

I got the tree decorated, I have saved a few ornaments for Sarah to put on when she gets home for the holidays.

Wine Dinner

On Tuesday we went to a Wine Tasting & Four Course Food Pairing at Johnny Carinos. It was a pricey evening and we usually don't do this but we gave it a try and it was wonderful. This was our menu.

Walnut and Pear salad with Ecco Domari Pinot Grigio
Pasta Cabonara with Robert Mondavi Private Selection Chardonnay
Three Pepper Strip Steak with creamy Gorgonzola potatoes and the wine was a Banfi Centine Rosso Sangiovese/Cbaernet/Merlot Blend
Caramel Mascarpone Bread Pudding with a Chateau Ste, Michelle Reisling

All the food was exquisite and the wines were great. The wines really complemented the dishes they were served with. It was the best steaks I have had in years, maybe it was the 24 hour marinade in Merlot that made the difference. I felt like I was in an episode of the Top Chef and needed to give my critique at the end. In fact the Chef came around and talked to every person there it was really quite the treat. They do these dinners monthly and the proceeds go to charity. It was a fun night but I drank way too much wine. Today I am paying for all the excess but it was worth it.

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Janet said...

Wow....that dinner sounds delicious! And all for charity, too. I'll have to check and see if our Carino's does the same thing.

Your cookies look yummy. Could you pass me a couple? I have a cup of tea and they will go great.