Friday, December 14, 2007

Art Journal Supplies Part 2

Well it took 4-5 times trying to get this uploaded, that was incredibly annoying. Oh well i guess that happens sometimes,


Here is what I did spinning wise. This is what the fiber looked like before I made it into yarn. The color is really more dark greenish teal that the picture shows.

Here are the skeins of yarn. The pink streaks in the roving now look like little flicks of color in the yarn. I am pleased on how it looks. No I didn't do all that in one day. I finished spinning the fiber and then got the yarn plied. It is a 3 ply and I think it was Merino wool. It was a Christmas gift last year from my sister Peggy. There is not a lot of it so I am not sure what I will make with it.

I've been playing with that small journal again but I'll save pictures of that for later.


Pam Aries said...

Kate..the yarn is gorgeous! wow! ..Well...guess what? It is so hot here today, I had to turn on the AC!!!! ackkk! You are doing so great with your art and videos

Janet said...

Wow....the yarn is beautiful! And once again your video gave me some ideas. I think you're addictive for me!!

Gemma said...

Hi Kate...the yarn is beautiful!I would think that spinning must be spiritual. A connection with the women of old who spinned away the hours.

Leigh said...

Very interesting about the art journaling. This is something I think I could really be tempted to get into, if only I had the time!!!! Your yarn is lovely too; I love that colorway.