Thursday, December 13, 2007

More freebies and Videos

Its snowing today so everything is all white and pretty. I had some friends over to spin today and it was lovely to spend a few quiet hours together. My friend CJ who is a greeting card rep brought over a pile of stuff for me. There are some really cool things here.

Books full of cool images

Handmade papers and envelopes.

Old calenders with great images on them.

Old Engagement calenders with even cooler images. A lot that I can use for collage.

Tins with cards in them

Art Journaling Materials Videos

I made 2 videos yesterday, just showing the kind of supplies I used. I am having uploading problems so part 2 is not available yet. I'll add the second one here when its ready. After doing those video;s I thought I covered all the things I use but of course I left some things out. Isn't that always the way. I also use my printer a lot, I will make copies of images and print out words too. Then there are images from magazines and the net and stuff from everyday life. I guess the things that you can use are endless.


Anonymous said...

What awesome goodies!

Reminds me of when I was a little girl and how excited I'd get when my dad would bring home "art supplies" from work. It was really just a bunch of office supplies they were throwing out (scrap paper, colored pencil stubs, etc.), but to me it was treasure!

Janet said...

What a great array of supplies....and the best part is they're free!! You have a fantastic friend!

Love the video. I use most of those same items although I don't have the copic pens. I've been looking at them though.