Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Woolpak Retreat 2006

Ah Retreat, how to capture the moments, the memories and all that jazz. Its always difficult. Here is a link to pictures , at least from the first day which seems to be the only day I took pictures.

Oh yes it was hot, I think it was 102 one day. My back and legs were really hurting so I am so grateful for all the wonderful women who supported me all weekend. I know if I had not promised to bring Dave Godfrey home I might have left on Friday. My saviors of that day were Kati, Cj and of course Angela. I would not have survived with out the massages and bodywork done. I am forever in your debt.

One of the best things about Retreat is all the inspiration that you go home with. Take 50 women and their various projects and you'll know what I mean. In addition there are classes everyday. I finally managed to take one of the felting classes. I made a little pouch and it was very easy to do. I am going to try it again on different sized bars of soap. I also got a refresher on the charka, I think I should either learn to use the wheel or sell it.

Then there are all the prizes, I got wonderful stuff. Some merino/silk, cotton, Knowltons wool, Alpaca, Merino, Icelandic and more. Then my adopted niece Cyndi gave me a shawl, right off her back. I was flabbergasted. Its a red wool peddlers shawl from Folk Knits and looks great on me. You are such a sweetie Cyndi.

It was also a great time for sharing with old friends and getting to know new ones better. I am looking forward to next year!

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