Friday, August 11, 2006

Great Basin and the Thread Project

My last two posts are really old news so here I am again. 3 in one day is a record I think. I spent most of the week preparing for the classes I will teach at Great Basin I really should have started the preparation earlier but I didn't so now I pay the price. I really hope the primitive breeds class fills up. I have some luscious fleeces for everyone to play with. A shetland, icelandic and a karakul. They are all incredibly gorgeous. I want to keep them for myself.

I am waiting for more fiber to arrive so I can start dyeing again. I thought it would get here yesterday but no such luck. More dye should get here next week so then I can make all the stock solutions for the dye class. The class should be lots of fun. It just takes a lot of prep. I hope I have enough containers to handle it all.

It was really cool this morning so I took Flynn out for a walk. That's was nice. He has been taking off after the neighbors dog lately. I think he needs more time out walking with a little training along the way. We had a dog incident though. There was a woman and dog jogging on the other side of the canal. Well this dog jumped in the canal and swam over to us and got in a tussle with Flynn. Flynn told him who was boss and he swam back over to his owner. I was amazed the dog swam over to us. That was a surprise. I guess with a lab you should expect that.

The Thread Project, for those of you who followed my journey with that its complete now. It will be hung at St. Pauls Episcopal Church in New York City for the 5th anniversary of 9/11. There is no big ceremony planned there so I am not going there as I planned to. I heard from Terry the originator of the idea and she is going to have an event in Charleston next year where a lot of the weavers and other supporters will come so I think I will go to that instead. I am not too excited about flying near 9/11 now anyways. I will miss the idea of going to New York though. Maybe some other time. Check outThe Thread Project for final recap and new pictures and so forth.


Susan said...

I can hardly wait for the dyeing class, Kate. Should be fun.

Pam Aries said...

hI kATE! i AM SO GLAD YOU ARE SWAPPING WTH US! love your work! Pam Aries!