Friday, August 18, 2006

New colors

Here is what my backyard closeline looked like yesterday. Quite colorful I think.

These are colors from a couple days ago. They are so pretty I want to keep them all. The blue shimmery one is Merino/Tencel. Its the first time I tried dyeing it. I love how the tencel looks. It doesn't dye in a protein dye but remains white. I am going to have to get some more of this, its truly yummy.




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I decided to take some of my fleeces to sell so I have been preparing them and making labels and so forth. Its amazing all the tings you need to do to get ready for a show. Maybe I will go take some pics and pop them up here later. I also convinced my friend Ginger to bring her Karakul and Icelandic fleeces to sell in the booth I am sharing with Judy Our booth at is Great Basin Fiber Fair going to be awesome.

So how can I have a booth and teach at the same time. I am magical that is how. Actually I have good friends who help out. I will talk about classes on my next post.

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