Thursday, August 24, 2006

Shrine Swap

I received my shrine from the shrine swap on Violette's message board. It is really awesome. My pctures do not do it justice. First it came wrapped up in this quilted bag.


Then it was wrapped in feathers and flash.


This is the front, as you can tell the theme was friendship and this took it one step further with "friends of a feather". Friends is spelled out on the front and of a feather is on the inside.


Now a shot of the inside, It has great words, pics of art supplies,feathers and all sorts of birds. Some were paper and some were figures. I love all the little details

Then I recieved the lovely collaged artwork from Kai the organizer of the swap. She is such a sweetheart. This was done on a formica sample. We are doing are next swap on one of them. This group of glitter ya ya's are wonderful. To be a fledging artist and to be so supported by all is really great. I hope I get to meet some of them someday.

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Pam Aries said...

Hi Kate! I am glad you liked my shrine! It was so much fun to make! I see that one of the birds landed upside down during his arrival! He's supposed to be glued up with the rest! ha! there musta been a reason! It is so fascinating to know about your sheep and yarn! Wow! I would LOVE that life!