Monday, August 14, 2006

More Dyeing

I am back into the dyeing thing again. This time I was trying 4 dyepots at a time. I borrowed Amy's pot so I have 2 on the stove, 1 on a hot plate and then the roaster. It seems to be working ok. It turns out there isn't a breeze today so the fumes were getting to me so I took a fan out there and wore my mask. Thats much better. I think if I am going to do this multiple dyepot thing in an enclosed area I have to wear the mask.

I did 3 pots yesterday. So far today I think I will be able to do 6 before I have to go to my therapy appointment. That should put a dent in the dyeing that I need to do. I have 3 more fleeces from last year to take a look at. I think they have been skirted but I am not sure. So I will check them out and wash them to sell.


I sat down and wove on the towels. Decide to retie the treadles for a smoother treadling. Dave had set them up for me so I could weave with 1 foot. This will work better. I should be able to weave faster with the treadles set up to walk them. Now for some time to actually weave.

New Spaces and Organizing

All these looking for things plus emptying my totes to use for Great Basin has resulted in my finding things I forgot about. Since I moved the dye studio outside I really want to re-do the basement room. I'd like it to be the sewing collage craft area. I am not sure what I will do with it. I think I will take the wire crates out of there. Maybe move the dresser back in. Or maybe I should pain it first. I think I need to spend some time thinking about the space and what would work best in there. I know I want to paint the weaving room too. Maybe that is how I will spend my time this fall. Weeding out the old and making room for the new is always good.

Tartan Update

Remember the tartan sample I wove for the Scottish Group in in Caldwell, Idaho. Well the Sherrif's department is going to have an official pipe band and they will wear the tartan. They are having fabric custom woven by a mill in Scotland and my friend Tim will make the kilt. That is pretty cool I think. Maybe they will let me have a scrap of it. I could have done the weaving for them but really did not want to take on the project.

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