Thursday, August 24, 2006

We're off to College

Well the day is almost here. We take Sarah to College tomorrow so I had better write about it today. This is something that I have been dreading. I am no way prepared although I have been trying to be. I have plenty to do, lots of activities to keep me occupied but how do you fill the hole in your heart. I know mothers have gone through this forever but reading about it and trying to prepare is nothing like having the experience.

It may be that worry wort mom coming out. All I can think is, did I teach her enough? Is she really prepared? What did I forget to do? argghh... Does it ever end. I guess not. To help appease my transition and offer her advice I wrote her a 10 page letter that I will give to her when we leave her at the dorm and go home. I tried to fill it with words of wisdom and not to be too preachy. I don't know if it will help her or me in the long run but it felt good to write the letter.

I am going to spin in the park with friends this morning then I imagine I will be spending lots of time running small errands and making sure she is not forgetting something.

I really love Montana so I am looking forward to seeing the beautiful scenery again. I thought we would always move there but that never happened. I am hoping to stop at either Josephs Coat in Missoula or the bead store in Stephensville on the way home and maybe even the labyrinth in Victor. We'll have to see what I can talk Dave into.


judie said...

Well Kate, I can tell you ..No, it never ends...but that's becuz we're mom's and I guess it is supposed to be that way. She'll be ok. You'll be ok too. ((((H))))

Lisa said...

I'm 40 and my mom tells me that it never ends. But I do think you make a transition into a different kind of mom/daughter relationship and that is something to look forward to as well.

I followed your link from Violette's message board (although I'm pretty sure I've been here a few times already). Your blog is amazing. I can't believe how many things you do and do really well. You're really talented.

I hope the college trip goes smoothly and you get to stop at every shop you want on the way back. :)

Lisa said...

oh dear...I'm 41 (last March..I'm still in denial I guess lol)

Charleen said...

I hope everything went well. It doesn't ever end but it certainly gets easier. You may be surprised at how easily you adapt!