Thursday, August 31, 2006

MRI's never again..... I hope!

Well I got up and went and had my MRI to check out my back. If your are not familiar with this, you are in a tube and you can't move. They do these series of scans 50 sec, 2 min, 4 min 6 min and repeat. They I have heard the horror stories so I was somewhat prepared. If I never have to have this done again I will be happy girl. The give you earplugs because the machine is quite noisy when its scanning you. I don't know how a person who doesn't meditate or who can't visualize handles it. I found my mind wandering to vision of Charles Bronson digging the tunnel in the Great Escape I thought no that is a bad image pick another. Then I thought about Babylon 5 and the episode where a woman is in a life support tube and there is an alien in there with her feeding off her. Yikes that image is worse. So I brought up Viggo and Sean Bean, Shepherd from Atlantis and Delbert Mulroney from the Wedding date. Really any hot guy that I would love to kiss. I used some other meditation techniques but the guys work the best to get my mind off things. I didn't feel claustrophobic but I started having heavieness in my chest which was unnerving. Then after I came out of the machine I had to have a shot and go back in for about 8 minutes. They put some sort of dye in me for reference. That was hard going back in. I was so happy to be done with that.

I came home and tried packing the car again and I got it all in. Yeah!!!!!! I am glad fleeces compress so much. I will be ready to leave for Great Basin tomorrow.

This is for Susan who commented on whether the dye class will get a chance at the fibers I am bringing. I had not thought about that. I will have a table in Judy Jacksons booth. Maybe we will work something out so you can go look at the beginning of class.

I was at the post office when I saw this PT cruiser in the parking lot all painted up. It was great, I talked with the owner, her website is here. They make boxers and pj pants in a funky way. Each leg is different. Here is a gift for the man who has everything.


judie said...

Hi Kate. I dont comment here much mainly becuz I dont know much about sewing or weaving, but I do visit, and I checked out that Ugly site you left at Violettes. That was as kewl as their car, which is beautiful! I really dislike PT Cruisers, but I would drive that one!

You are brave to do the MRI. I couldn't do it. They even offered me Valium and I refused. First I tried and they slid me in and I started to panic and they rolled me right back out. So I went to have an open MRI, and the nurse assistant had to hold my hand like a little baby the entire time. I am such a coward. are definitely the brave one! I hope your back will be ok and that you won't have to have surgery. I also had the steroid shots and here you are only allowed to have three because I think it is quite a technical treatment to do. Have a great time on your trip! :)

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Pam Aries said... are too funny relating your MRI experience! I'd be mortified that they might be able to read my thoughts! ha! I GOT YOUR ATC!(Ocean Dreams) Thank you!Pretty aqua colors and sparkles! It makes me think of Lisa OceanDreamer! Have a fun trip!!!