Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One of those days

Its been one of those days where you feel like with all the errands you are doing that you have physically been to every place in your town.

I have been here:

DR. office
Physical Therapist office
Used book store to sell books
Jiffy lube
Artic Circle (a restuarant) to get my lost debit card
Big O tires to get tires rotated
Fred Meyer to take back a purchase
Post office to mail package to my daughter
To the Brownstone to have lunch with a friend.

I am beat after all of that.

The Dr. thinks I may have a herniated disc so I am scheduled for an MRI tomorrow morning. Then it may be that I will be getting a steriod shot next week. Gee how much fun can a person have.

I've been tying up loose ends and packing stuff for the big weekend in Salt Lake. I have been trying to fit it all in my car, I am afraid I am in a losing battle. I may have to take the truck after all. We will see how creative I am packing all the wool in the car. I am going to give it one more shot before I give up and repack everything in the truck.

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