Monday, August 28, 2006

College Trip Part II

We left for Missoula about 7:30. We were only a 1/2 hour off schedule so that was not too bad. We stopped In Dillion for breakfast at Mc Donalds. Unfortunetly that was the first place we could stop to eat, There is not much between Idaho Falls and Dillion. Thats about 2 hours so Sarah and I were famished. Dave had gotten up earlier and eaten breakfast at home.

Sarah was a non stop talker most of the trip. I don't know if she felt she needed to get it all in before we left or not. I just wanted to sleep. I am still having back problems so the trip was hard on me.

It took about another 3 hours to get to Missoula. We found a parking place and started unloading all her stuff. It was nice that her roommate Emily did not arrive till the next day. That way we could use her side of the room while we were organizing everything. Sarah had her bed lofted so she could have a little kitchen relaxing area.



Here she is at her desk, as you can see Legolas came along too. He actually fit perfectly right behind her desk.


Not to be outdone by some mere Elves Boromir came too!


Here she is headed into Walmart one more time. I have more

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After unloaded and setting up we headed to the bookstore to get the books she had ordered on line. Wow that sure made it convenient. I headed to the art dept upstairs and wow do they have cool stuff. They had these artist paintsticks that I have been wanting to try. Then there was the paper, tons of handmade sheets. I wanted to get this little moleskine book so that is what I got the first time we were there.

After taking her books back to her room it was time for an early dinner since we'd never gotten around to eating lunch. We headed to MacKenzie's Pizza Parlor. It was yummy gourmet style pizza. I had a basil/garlic one, Dave had the Athenian and Sarah's had steak and sausage. It was very good.

We headed to Walmart for some supplies and then back to the dorm for more organizing. We headed to our hotel to watch Stargate only to find it was on much later. We took Sarah home and we crashed. I was so glad I had brought the heating pad along.

After spending the night in the dorm and organizing her desk she discovered what things that she needed so it was back to Walmart and a trip to Target. That was after we had breakfast at the bagel shop in town. We met Emily when we got back to the dorm. She had her boyfriend there helping her set up. She really didn't look anything like the picture that my friend Adrien had sent me. She seemed nice enough and didn't seem to bring much more than clothes with her.

I decided one more trip to the bookstore was in order so I could get some of those art supplies I have been coveting. I came home with 6 colors of painsticks and some watercolor paper. Sarah bought some software she was wanting and some more Copic art markers.

We headed back to the dorm and Emily was gone so I missed getting a picture of her. Oh well, next time I guess. I wasn't really ready to leave but Dave thought we should so we did. We left about 2:30 and drove for about an hour before we stopped in Deer Lodge for Lunch. We stopped in a little cafe and I had just a burger and fries but they were really good. I tried sleeping almost all the way home. It was hard getting comfortable though.

When we got home we found out that the Mexican farm workers who live next door had a fire that got on our property. Its luck that we don't have much pasture or the fire would not have stopped there. We need to just replace some fence posts.

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