Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Back home again

I hate to have to be reporting all these mishaps lately but things continue to be out of whack for me. Flynn our dog was attacked by a killer elk in the campground we were staying. He was kicked but he was ok. We left him in the trailer that day like we usually do while we go wolf watching and when we got back we could not get the screen door open. Its was jammed close and all the screen was torn out. I don't know if he was having elk nightmares trying to get away or what. He is fine now. It turns out the elk had lost her calf to a grizzly bear the day before and was mad at the world. She even went after the campground worker driving around in a golf cart. From then on we avoided that area of the campground. I do have lots of pleasant memories of our trip and once I get my pics sorted out I will tell you all about them.

When we got home we found out our llama had died. He was sitting when he died so perhaps his heart just gave out. He had been dead several days so we had to haul the body right away. The smell was awful and the scene was really unpleasant, I won't treat you to all the disgusting details. I am truly hoping this is the last thing to have happen.

My sister is on her way here. She was in S.Dakota last night and I expect her sometime tonight but I haven't heard from her yet. We were supposed to get our sheep sheared tonight and that got canceled which was a relief. It is nice having the evening off.


MissKoolAid said...

So sorry about your llama! That is sad. Hopefully the bad stuff is all behind you and only good things will happen.


PJ said...

Oh my word! I'm so sorry for such sad news...that is just awful about your poor dog and then your llama...I'm so sorry about your loss! losing fur babies are just hard! I hope some peace really soon!

Olivia said...

Boy, Kate, what a vacation! So many animal things going on, too that seem so unimaginable to me. Elks attacking. Llamas dying. (Although I'm sure they have to die it just seems sad.) Dogs having nightmares. Sheep getting sheared---or not! To us city-raised folk it's a wild world out there.

I'm very sorry both about your llama, Kate. I know you must be very sad. And I'm glad your dog is doing better.

Blessings, O

Shopgirl said...

What a vacation you have had. I would probably be feeling like getting into bed and pulling the covers over me for awhile until everything settled down around me.
Okay, I am a chicken!!!!
Welcome home, I am so glad you are safe!
I have a new URL so if you want to visit my new blog...along story!!!!
click on this comment (shopgirl)
Hugs, Mary Idaho

Julie said...

I am so, so sorry about your dog and your llama, and other mishaps which I haven't read about yet.

Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I haven't been commenting anywhere. Real life intruded, big time. But now I am back and intend to have a fabulous summer, which includes re-connecting with my best blogging friends.

I am off to see what other posts I missed. I hope you don't mind if I don't comment on them all. I just got too far behind.

Love, Julie

Gemma said...

dearest Kate
My condolensces to you for losing your llama. Also for all the other unfortunate events. So sad and wishing you happier times ahead

Janet said...

Your vacation has truly been an up and down event! And what a sad homecoming with the llama incident. I hope all the bad stuff is behind you and you have nothing but blue skies ahead. It's good to have you back.