Saturday, June 07, 2008

My sister is here

My sister Marianne is here just for a day on her way to California and Mount Shasta but she'll be back in July to spend some time here. I haven't seen her in three years so this is special time here. I started this 2 days ago so Marianne is gone now. We had a nice visit and I am looking forward to seeing her again next month.

I spent all this time cleaning the house for her visit so now its back to the studio. I really have let it go so I have a major clean to do. I want to get back to some art but there is too much disaster here so I have to clean up. I would like to be one of those people who puts everything back in its place. I still have not found a way to organize my magazine clippings that makes it easy to access it all. I have too much stuff, I am getting buried by the clutter. Hopefully I will come up with something that will work for me soon.

I am working on a new RR book and its quite a challenge, the theme is white and beautiful. Hard not to do color so I will throw some in anyways.

I really like how Sharon uses napkins in her work but I really haven't been able to find that many I liked. I found the mother lode and am in napkin heaven now. Tuesday Morning is the place to go. They have more napkins than I have seen anywhere. These are what I took home.

Some beautiful Sunflowers.

This is the front of one Marianne bought, we traded some with each other.

... and the back since they are different.

Some snowflakes, I got these on clearance for .60.

Calla Lilies and butterflies, this one is really pretty. I think that all of these will be fun to work with in either small collages or in paintings. I am sure I will be going back for more. If you have a Tuesday morning in your area check it out.


Janet said...

I had the same problem finding napkins until I asked Sharon! Tuesday Morning is definitely the place!

KaiBlueCreations said...

ALoha Kate,
Wow those are beautiful..mine are usually just plain..but now, I'm on a mission
Peace, Kai xx

craftyhala said...

We have a Tuesday Morning of all things and it's close to my home! I'll check it out tomorrow.
I would like to see what you make with the napkins.

Shopgirl said...

These are really nice...have fun! Tuesday Morning is in Boise, so I won't get there to often with gas prices going up everyday.
Your sister looks like alot of sister Sharon is in Kansas so we keep in touch with our computer.
I try to be neat as a pin, but crafting gets in the way of that. It kinda like this, I am not putting it away because I have more to do... Hugs, Mary

Gemma said...

Tuesday Morning is a great store. we have one here too...great bargains. Have fun with the napkins.

Sharon said...

Hi Kate, I know you will have fun with the napkins. I hve the sunflowers. The Calla lilies are beautiful. Would you like to trade?