Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time in the Garden

I haven't posted since blogger has been giving me problems lately. Sarah says thanks for all the birthday wishes. I haven't had much time in the garden this year. I am playing catch up with weeds and there really is not much to choose from in the nurseries anymore so I will have to make do with what I have. I was delighted to see some of the things I planted last year actually come back. I saw this lovely butterfly the other day. I have no idea what kind it is but it really liked this one plant.

I ordered some tape from Japan that arrived the other day. They are really pretty. Funny thing is I ordered some things from Japan and Canada and I got the Japanese package first.


The trip to Helena was good I was moderately successful in my booth. I did manage to garner to wholesale customers. One if in a shop in Bozeman and the other in Corvallis Montana. They bought a lot of my fibers. That got me to thinking that perhaps wholesale is the way I want to go. So I decided I will take some dyed fibers down to New Mexico to see if I can get some shops down there to carry my product. I will then also be able to write off the trip as a business expense so that will be a plus. I think if I can get a half a dozen shops carrying my product that would be great.

This is one of the booth displays for the Conference.

This is a group of vests in the Fiber Arts Show.

I loved this one so here is a close up.

This yellow scarf was gorgeous.

This was a towel, I liked the color arrangement so I took a picture.

This shawl was done by my friend Laurel. It is beautiful and soft and made with beaded yarns.

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Janet said...

Wow!! That vest is beautiful (the one in the close-up) and I also like the one with leaves. Beautiful work you do. I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting shops to carry your things.