Monday, June 16, 2008

In search of the perfect pen

I was working on this page and I could not get anything to write on it, that is so frustrating to me. I ended up using a brush pen. So I headed to Roberts and bought these.

The only problem is that they do smell, the solvent in them is a little annoying. I like all the colors though. I have these water based markers by Fibracolor that are nice but they are only for bold writing. I had ordered some of those white gel pens and now none of them seem to work. I hate it when that happens. So I continue to search for the perfect pen. Any suggestions out there....

I drew this little lady the other evening. That about it for Art lately. Saturday and Sunday I spent at the dyepot. I head up to Helena for a show on Thursday. I dyed another 12 pounds of fiber so I should have enough. Its now been weighed labeled and priced and packed away. I am glad that is done. Now to finish the shawl that I want to take. I think I will put on a long movie and sit in front of it while I add the fringe.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Kate,

I've written about pens before on my blog (and had an extensive article in Cloth Paper Scissors) that write on paint.

Sharpie pens-the regular ones over time will leave a 'halo' effect on a page.

My fave pens that write on paint:
Sakura gelly roll glaze, sakura souffle, sharpie poster paint (WATER based not oil based), faber castell pitt pens (Brush tip is my fave), zig vellum and writer pens, latte pens, "sweets" latte pens, ... these will all write on paint.

The pages have to be dry though 100%.

Hope this helps!

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Kate,
I like ultra fine tip sharpies and I do agree about the solvent being a touch strong..I left the lid off mine once to answer the phone and SID sniffed it and acted like a mad cat for about an hour.. It's weird vibes in them there

PEace Kai

Mary said...

Hi...I have used Faber Castell pitt pens with success. I have recently started using General's pen holder with nibs that you can dip into the color of ink you want. I have tried FW Acrylic Artist's Ink in white and sepia and I love this for writing or drawing.