Wednesday, June 18, 2008

National Year of Reading

Today I am picking my name for my blog giveaway so leave a comment if you want to enter. I'll be picking a name later tonight. I won't mail until I get back from Helena, so it will go out next Monday or Tuesday.

We had the sheep sheared last night and Emily had to be sewed up. I hate it when they take a hunk of skin with the wool. She is all stitched up and is doing fine.

What's your story

I know this is last minute but for all the writers out there. Go here to read short (600)words stories by a group of famous authors and enter your own. Today is the deadline for entering. I think that Sarah and I will be adding ours tonight. Oh here is the site Its all to celebrate the National Year of Reading. Even if you do not submit, there are over 3,000 entries to look at.

I was going to show my shawl I finished but blogger is having issues today, so maybe later.


craftyhala said...

Hi Kate. I forgot it was Wednesday and didn't put my garbage out before I left the house this morning and I have a somewhat full can...just thought I'd tell someone!
Sorry about the sheep skin thing. OW!

Aureliano said...

Hi Kate

Just wanted to spread the link to the National Year of Reading website, which is at (surprisingly enough) and draw attention to a global resource for reading professionals to share good practice about reading - Wikireadia, which is at

Would love it if you checked it out and passed on to anyone with a big interest in reading,

all the best, and good luck with the competition,