Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Attitude is Everything

This morning I was reading an email from the Bleeping Herald from one of the producers of the What the Bleep movie and that is what she was talking about. I like that new catch phrase because lately it seems that what I have been noticing in myself. Yesterday I found myself in a downward spiral. I started getting negative about everything, about this trip to Helena and then to Taos and so forth and before you know it I am depressed about everything. Today is a new day and I choose to be positive and happy about all of it. Thoughts do create things so I am on to better thoughts. Then on YouTube my friend Megan has a wonderful video on this same subject. So I thought I would share it with you.

After my pen discourse the gracious Kelly Kilmer commented with some new pen ideas. In case you don't look at comments, this is what she said

"My fave pens that write on paint:
Sakura gelly roll glaze, sakura souffle, sharpie poster paint (WATER based not oil based), faber castell pitt pens (Brush tip is my fave), zig vellum and writer pens, latte pens, "sweets" latte pens, ... these will all write on paint. The paint does have to be 100% dry."

I looked in my local stores and could find only the sharpies and the Zig writers and vellum writers. So I picked up a few writers, and one vellum and sharpie to try. I'll let you know later how well I like them.

I was also reading this last night. I have had the book for awhile but never took the time to read it. After delving into the editing book last week this seemed a good next read. I've read Heather Sellers other book called Page by Page and really liked it. That book was more about setting up a writing practice, while the new one focuses on writing and finishing a book.

The the author talks about the commitment to writing a book and how you need to look at your life and see what things you can cut out to devote more time to writing. Well one thing I tend to do is to use TV to relax. When nothing is on I find myself watching silly things like the E network. Which is just a celebrity gossip channel. When I think about it what a waste of time that is. I think I will put an end to that. That should definetly free up some more time.

I spent time in the garden this morning, digging up the forest of weeds that have accumulated. There is something about being outdoors and working in the earth that is pretty satisfying.

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thailandchani said...

Loved the video! What a nice, pleasant person. :)