Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seeing something new

We are headed back to Yellowstone for what is left of our vacation time. Dave is doing better and did just fine on the stress test so we are headed back up to the park till Monday. Have a great rest of the week.

I will leave you with a spectacular site, these Big Horned Sheep were on a hillside posing for pictures. There were 11 of them in all. We have never seen a group together like this before, usually just 2-4 rams together on a hillside. This was quite a treat to see. I had to climb this muddy hill to get this shot but it was worth it. What spectacular things there are in the world for us to see. I have been to Yellowstone at least twenty times and this trip I saw things I never saw before. I think that is quite magical and I think we can have the same experience in our own backyards. Take a look around you and perhaps you will see something new and magical today.


Olivia said...

I'm so glad Dave is ok, Kate. Have a wonderful vacation...great shot of the big horned sheep! Love, O xxoo

PJ said...

Glad to here D is ok! Wonderful to see such beautiful animals! You know I've been to Yellowstone three times and never saw a moose! That is great you were able to see diff.things! Thanks for sharing!

Naturegirl said...

I know all too well the treat of seeing wildlife while on vacation!As we journeyed to and from Arizona by car we passed many peacefull wildlife along the highways..captured some on film but many just a great memory!
Now that we are home my garden fills
us with wildlife visitors!
I trust all is well and happy with you! hugs NG

KaiBlueCreations said...

Aloha Kate,
Well, those guys are majestic looking, my grandma always said when the Livestock lay down together, there's a storm brewing..
Wonder if that works for Sheep?

It's a great shot!
PEace, Kai xx

tinker said...

What a great photo!
Glad your husband is okay - hope all goes well this trip - enjoy!

Gemma said...

Glad to hear that Dave is better. Hope you are enjoying Yellowstone!
Sending love to you!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Kate! I'm glad to hear that Dave is doing ok. I hope that you had a wonderful time in Yellowstone!

Shopgirl said...

How scary, I am so glad he is doing well, a vacation you will remember! Beautiful shot!
Hugs, Mary