Monday, June 09, 2008

Feeling Groovy

I am feeling groovy today, do you remember that song. Such an upbeat silly thing to sing on a beautiful day.

I was going to spend time dyeing today but the farmer accross the street is spraying pesticide and yuck it smells, I sure don't want to be breathing that so I will be staying indoors today.

When I was at the Villa coffeehouse on Saturday I bought some tea and a strainer and left the package on the table. How silly of me , right. Well I was hoping that they would have found it and put it away for me. I am beginning to be a regular so they may have remembered it was mine. Anyways I headed there today and yes they had my package. Happy camper here, doing a happy dance....

I spent my time there doing some writings from this :

Its Natalie Goldberg's new book on memoir writing. Its quite like Writing Down the Bones but different. I like it.

I also was watching some 100 day challenge video's. I am into season 3 and have not been watching any. It was nice to see old friends and see what they are up to, and of course become inspired by others.


Shopgirl said...

Some days are groovy, great song, for a special day. Sometimes things are just as they should be, and everything makes us smile.
You have another groovy day, we all need more of them.
Hugs, Mary

violette said...

I love the word Groovy Kate......i think it suits you these days! Glad your tea and strainer was still there....i'd be doing the happy dance too! yay!
love, violette