Thursday, November 01, 2007

Being Brave Synopsis

It seems that others are listing things that they accomplished for the Be Brave challenge so I thought I would share what I did last month too.

Be Brave list

1. Fixed my scanner
2. Asked my brother about family pictures
3. Started and finished an acrylic painting
4. Started drawing in my moleskine
5. Put a banner on my blog
6 Learned how to link a file on my blog
7. Learned how to make a video with my webcam
8. Joined the 100 day reality challenge
9. Wrote every day .
10. Sent a letter to an author
11. Wrote companies for Art supplies
12. Drew a picture from a photograph
13. Drew a self portrait in my journal
14. Found our who Linda Darnell was.
15. Called hospital to volunteer
16. Eat breakfast daily for 2 weeks straight
17. Joined the Self Portrait challenge
18. Learned more about my camera's features and used them.
19. Learned how to make a video with camera
20 Uploaded videos to You Tube
21. wrote my cousin
22. Did a watercolor drawing in my watercolor moleskine
23 Started a watercolor painting
24. Talk to Dave about a difficult subject
25. Spend time journaling about what I think a relationship is.
26. Learned to make those paper beads dipped and embellished
27. Explored drawings and collages in my journal
28. Started doing research for book on Grandparents
29. Standing up for my rights at Barnes & Noble when they over charged me.
30. Sending food back at a restaurant when it is wrong.
31. Telling the truth on a video for the 100 day challengehopn
32. Doing my first Art type video and asking for opinions about it.

Wow I really did a lot last month.


Olivia said...

You did great, Kate, what a month! And it got you ready for today---NaNoWriMo---didn't it! Love, O

judie said...

You really did!!

Gemma said...

Amazing Kate!!! Very Good!
What is the self portrait challenge? Good luck w/writing

Janet said...

Go, Girl!! What a great month you had.

Julie Marie said...

WOW is right. I really admire you for doing all that. I followed you through the month and often thought, boy, she is braver than me.