Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Art of Appreciation

I found this on Christine Kane's blog yesterday. If you are having trouble getting into the groove with the upcoming holidays or you just need to find a different way to celebrate this year go to her blog and read her post.
It is incredible. Make sure you read #6 that one really got to me.

Now go read it and then come back to the rest of my post.

I try to talk to sales clerks all the time. Use there name treat them like a person. Sometimes a few words can make their day go better. I think it would be fun to just give some random sales clerks notes of appreciation. Its easy to think of the postman, and other service people who you see regularly but how about the people who never get any appreciation. How would that make them feel, How would it make you feel.

I am not thrilled about the holidays coming. Don't even want to decorate but I will for Sarah cause she needs it. I am going to do some appreciation of people in my life who don't usually receive it. I'll let you know how that goes.

Word count is at 47000 only 3000 words left. I could do it in one day but I am not going to push it. If that happens then it will be awesome. I will be glad when this project is over.

I finished my pages in the Round Robin book. I don't really like them but I am out of time and its time to move on. I haven't even started the Ornament yet so it won't go out on Dec 1. I figure it doesn't take that long to get to my person so I have some leeway there.

I need to start Sarah's sweater. There is no way it will be finished by Christmas so I she may be opening a box of yarn or maybe I'll have a front. I have never knit anything so complex so I know it won't go fast. She'll have other things so it will be ok.


Kate I said...

Kate, you're so absolutely right about this...the gift is in the giving and showing our appreciation and gratitude is really what it's all about. Thanks for a great post!

Julie said...

What great ideas, Kate. I, too, have been looking for something different to do for the holidays this year that would make it a more meaningful time. You've given me a great place to start!

Janet said...

Great ideas, Kate. I like doing gifts for "no reason" rather than feeling obligated to give on a specific day just because it makes the stores happy! Around here our gift-giving is usually not all that much. We have a small family and no one is very materialistic. The malls would disappear if they had to depend on me!