Monday, November 05, 2007

Being Green

I turned on the TV this morning to the weather channel since I wanted to know what the temp is. They were doing the world so I flipped over to network TV and ended up on the Today show. They were doing a segment on things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Something for every day of the week. Well I already do some of these but there is always more that you can do. Here is the list.

Day 1: Turn down the heat (just 2 degrees)
Day 2: Unplug gadgets (unplug toasters,coffeemakers etc when not using them.
Day 3: Wash clothes efficiently ( in cold or warm water)
Day 4: Eat less meat (go meatless once a week)
Day 5: Put the brakes on driving (once a week)
Day 6: Go green in the home( replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones)
Day 7: Write a letter (to those who are doing great, or one to encourage other to do so)
There is a lot of detail on these choices here

Art Journal Pages

This first one is in my small Van Gogh moleskine. A Van Gogh moleskine is just the small sketchbook but the covers are silk fabric. You don't find them everywhere.

This one is all about Joy a result of working with the Abraham-Hicks Well Being Cards. I love the look of joy on her face. I will be adding additional word later.

This is page I did on fear at the start of Nanowrimo. I am showing this because if you look at the background you see a riot of color. I took the piece of freezer paper that I use to work on and made a copy of it and used it as background paper. It was covered with paint and stamping ink and whatever else I spilled on the paper that day. Sometime the protective paper you are working on looks better than what you made. I used to just throw it out. I learned this from Elise at the Artnest retreat. I think its a great idea.


Olivia said...

Good for you, Kate, for art journaling your fear. I just quiver. I am always amazed at all you get done in ONE DAY! Do you sleep at night? xxoo, O

Anonymous said...

I too do some of the things on that list. I love your journal pages. That is a great idea using the freezer paper. There is a new post on Banna's blog about her mail she has received. If you do not have the link there is one on the side bar of mine. Love Hugs and Blessings

Lauri said...

Gorgeous journal pages! I'm trying to find the time to get into illustrated journaling.

Good luck with NaNo!

KaiBlueCreations said...

I love the creations that you have going on.. It's great that so many turned up for your group!!

Going green is the only way to be, i'll look at the site when im done reading here today, thankie mucho for sharing..
Peace n hugs, Kai xx