Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Last Write In

The Last Write in for our Nanowrinmo local support group met on Saturday. There were eight of attending plus a special guest. My daughter Sarah was home from college for the weekend so she came along with her friend Kristen who are both doing Nano.

Here is Sarah and Kristen, I don't think that Sarah wanted her picture taken.

Megan Kyle and Amber

Here I am with Amber, I had to show that I was there too.

Maggie, Lee and Kirsten

and look who showed up at our write in, yes its the one and only St. Nick.When he saw us with all our laptops and we told him we were writing novels he wanted to know if it was all the same novel. He said that would make for an interesting book if each of us wrote a different chapter. Alas we won't take the bait and will continue to plug away on our own novels.

Monday I managed to pump out 3200 words and that felt great. I have been struggling with my novel all month. Never liked it or where it was going but yesterday a new facet popped into my head that I really like and I am excited to be writing now. That felt so awesome. I now don't have the worst novel ever written. I can see some potential now and that is thrilling.


KaiBlueCreations said...

I am so happy to read about your fresh infusion of thought to your book Kate.. I wanted to thank you for getting us all fired up and enthused about writing ..

you rock, Peace.. Kai xx

Julie said...

Creativity has its own timetable, doesn't it? You just have to be ready when the moment (muse)strikes!

47,000 words down and just 3,000 to go with three days left in the month? You're golden!

MissKoolAid said...

Good for you finding new inspiration for you novel! I like Santa's idea of everyone in a group writing one chapter each for the same book. Maybe in another lifetime though!