Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sheep and a Crow

That is Gabrielle peeking around the corner. I was out with Flynn taking a walk and saw her. Thats how I feel about my blogging this week. Its like I take a peek from my writing and then wonder what I used to do with all my time. I was trying to make a video on our walk but it wasn't to successful so I will try another day. I don't know why I kept getting pictures of the ground. I am sure I was pointing at the mountains.

I have been having some health issues reoccur and I am sort of angry about it and angry at myself for not taking the changes necessary to help alleviate the problems. I don't understand why we know what will be good for us to do but then fail to do it. I guess there are many levels to any issue and its not as simple as it seems.


Here is my latest attempt at drawing a crow. Done in pencil in a moleskine sketchbook. My husband thinks it looks like a Raven but what does he know. I told him tail feathers and beak are different. I think each one gets a little bit better.


Camplin said...

Quote the raven, (never, more like a crow)

judie said...

Hi Kate. Great pictures! Wow this Nanowrimo thing is everywhere! There is going to be a whole lot of new books on the market soon! And yours one of them. Keep writing...and drawing...and posting great pics!!!

tinker said...

Love the photo and what a great crow, Kate. I know I haven't had time to hardly blog or visit anybody, and now I"m wondering how much time was I really spending on that every day? I guess I needed to cut back some anyway -no wonder I wasn't getting much artwork done.
Have a great day~xo

Sheila said...

Gabrielle looks shy..LOL
I watched a 13 year old girl shear a sheep this week. It was on a TV program about the Royal Winter Fair, an annual agricultural event here in Toronto. She made it loook so easy.
AS for health problems and not helping ourselves, I think we are all guilty of that. All we can do is our best, one step at a time..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!I love the raven drawing that you did!Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

Olivia said...

I hope your health issues resolve, Kate. I know what you mean about why we do what we don't want to and have been thinking about that. I don't really have any answers. I've just been thinking about it. I think some of it lies in believing in ourselves, that THIS time will be the time we do something different. But I'm not sure. Lots to think about.

I too feel like I write all the time, and wonder what I did before. Now all I do--all--is write. Which is okay. Actually, good. But it will be fun when I can do a day on a day off, and so forth. This is intense!

Love and happy writing, O

Julie said...

It can't be a raven, they have a prominent bump on their beak (like the one on my nose), and your bird's nose is sleek as can be.

Unless it's a raven that's been to the plastic surgeon for some work. : )