Friday, November 02, 2007


Nanowrimo otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month started yesterday. After a confidence crisis in the beginning I am on my way. I have kept up with my word count for the first 2 days so that feels good. I have a write-in to go to tomorrow so I will have time to write then too.

This does take up a lot of time. I am still involved in the 100 day challenge and decided not to post the videos here any more. I figure those who are interested can find me on YouTube and that way I don't bore the rest of you to death.

I have been working on some journal pages but none are quite finished enough to share yet.

I think I discovered something about acrylic painting that I should have known. I took a class in in quite awhile ago but I seemed to have forgotten everything. I was using paint right out of the tube and I think adding water of gel medium will definetly make the paint flow better. Every time I have tried a face I end up with this caked blotchy mess so maybe thinning the paint down a little will help. I can only try and see what happens.


Anonymous said...

What I do when I paint in acrylic, although I am STILL learning these things. I leave a little water in my brush and that seems to help the flow of the paint with me. Have you tried putting the acrylic paint on but in a very thin layer....add water to it while it is still wet. Then take a paper towel and spounge the water up. It leaves a really kewl affect!
Just wanted to give you that idea...just incase you ever wanta use it. :) Talk to you later...great post! *HUGS*

Julie said...

One of the great things about acrylic paints are their versatility. You can use them thick and goopy out of the tube just like oil paints, add a little water to get a smooth overall coverage, or you can add more water and work them almost the same as you would watercolors.

One of acrylic's advantages, is that if you use enough water so that the paint goes on smoothly, and let it dry, you can completely paint over your boo-boos and no one but you will ever know. : )