Thursday, January 11, 2007

The symbolism of Birds

The other morning I looked out my kitchen window and saw an Owl. I thought oh that was cool. It was a great horned owl. I didn't get a actual picture of it since I was running late so this will have to do.

Then when I drove to town I saw 2 pheasants on the side of the road. I thought to myself birds have such symbolism I will have to look up what these mean. I looked in my books when I got home and thought I share some information on Owls and other birds and what they signify symbolically. My info comes from The Secret Language of Signs by Denise Linn

"The Owl is a very significant sign, as the owl is a powerful symbol of transformation. If the sign appears to you there is probably a transformation coming in your life. That sounds good to me. In most cultures owls were sometimes revered and sometimes feared. They represent the dark or unknowable. They can be associated with death as well as rebirth. When one aspect of you dies, there is opportunity for new growth in another area of your life. That made sense to me. Maybe it was a sign that some changes I am thinking about making will lead to new opportunities.

Now there was nothing about pheasants but a lot on birds.
"A bird can be a sign of soaring to new heights or of soaring above your problems." "Birds also represent freedom. Do you want to take wing in your life?"
"Birds have the ability to see far Do you need to distance yourself from a situation to gain a perspective."
"A bird can mean a flight of fancy,flight of the imagination. Let your creative imagination take wing."
"Birds are universally considered messengers to and from spirit. Do you need to connect more with the divine source present in everything that surrounds you."
Hey if birds show up in your life think about these things and what it might mean to you.


I got my copy of Collage Unleashed by Tracy Bautista, oh that is such a fun book. I like her free and open style. It will be fun to play with some of the techniques in this book. I hope I will have time for that soon.

I have been spinning up some of the green roving I got for christmas and watching episodes of All creatures great and small. I have the beginning videos this time so they are lots of fun.

I get my shot tomorrow morning so I will probably be down for a couple days. I was the last time, maybe this one will be better.


Kai said...

I always look for a feather, birds seem to leave them for me when I need to pay attention to thier messages.
I think the owl is wise and you should listen to what your soul is saying about him.. Rebirth and a new phaze of your life..
I saw this and thought of you..
Peace, Kai

LisaOceandreamer said...

wow,I have never seen an owl in person - I think I'd be gobsmacked and definitely looking for a sign.
I truly hope the shot gives you some relief from your pain Kate, I want to know your wonderful self is feeling great!
BIG love,

judie said...

oh geesh. Blogger is making me do this twice. As I was saying.....I loved your wonderful post because I am especially fond of birds. I am going to look for it a book or a website?.....about signs. I used to have a dream book but it's long lost. Sending you vibes to help you feel good after your shot.