Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Possibilities

Thank you Queen Latifah for giving me back my possibilities. I had a steroid shot on Friday and although the shot was not as painful this time, the recovery has been and to top that off the shot did nothing to ease my pain. To say I have been despondent about this is an understatement.

The Last Holiday with Queen Latifah was recommended over at Violette's board and I rented it last night. We are also doing a Frida swap so I rented that movie too. It turned out to be a double dose of possibility for me. I saw poor Frida's beat up body and thought I am not that bad. Look what she was able to do. The sky is the limit for me. The Last Holiday was really delightful. Sarah watched it with me and we both really loved it. Someday I am going to stay in one of those swank hotels too. Feeling like royalty for a day will be fantastic. That is going in my possibilities book.

The other thing that came to me is I am focusing too much on my bad health. Its not just my back, I have several areas that have problems and it is easy to get depressed about this. I decided it is time focus on the good and what I want. Sure my hands hurt and my back and legs etc. but I can get out of the house, I can move I can create and do so much more than I have been doing. I know that sounds like The Secret all over again. Time for reminders I imagine.

That's all I have time for now, I'll finish this later......


Kai said...

Kate..welcome back, I was worried about you.. I hope you feel bright and sparkly soon :)
I love Ql's movie. It's so cute and the chef's part reminds me of Kelisa.
I think everyone should have a possibilities book!!
I reread my blog and totally wrote the Heroes thing the wrong way..You are of course right !! thanks for catching my BOOBOO.. I can't wait for monday..
THankyou!!! Peace, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Been thinking of you and I'm so sorry the shot didn't give you the relief you'd hoped for. But you have a great attitude and that is everything. I like the idea of a book of possibilities. You all think of these such wonderful things...while all my brain can think of "where are all the ideas?" I guess that's the first thing I would put in the book - the possibility of having an original idea. LOL!
I haven't seen that film yet,may have to rent it and I STILL haven't watched the Secret yet....what IS my problem!?

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the shot is not helping. Just try to keep a positive attitude going. Love Hugs and Blessings

Pam Aries said...

Dear Kate! I hope you are feeling better! I am so glad you saw those movies! Aren't they awesome! ...As per your back pain...have you ever heard of Dr. Sarno...THe Mind body Connection....Healing back pain. It worked for me. It really did. Just a thought!