Friday, January 05, 2007

The Rest of the Teapots

Per request, here are the rest of my teapots, I don't have that many, the collection grows slowly. This was my first one. When my younger sister Peggy got married my sister in law Michelle gave her an English teapot and said that was going to be a traditional gift for her to give. So I expected one when I got married and didn't get one. When I told Peggy the story she bought me one and sent it to me. It is my first, made in England and is my favorite.

This is one my mom sent me, the only teapot I've seen with a hole in it. It is not very practical as it doesn't hold very much tea.

This one is one my husband bought me years ago. It covers the cuteness factor. Its a beehive complete with bee and bear and so forth.

This I got from my sister-in-law Laura and its a Japanese teapot and has 6 little cups that match.

This is another that my mom sent me, as you can tell she was fond of blue and white china.

This I won at a spinners retreat, it only holds a cup, and its another cute teapot. The top is the pot and the bottom is the cup. The lid is a chicken and your tea comes out of the sheep's mouth.

I wanted to decorate the cover of my new journal and here is what I did. Unfortunetely I glued everything on the back cover and upside down too. I figure now I can write from both ends. Sarah says it looks like a real book named Essential Wisdom. I hope I will come up with some essential wisdom to put in here.

I have not been doing any knitting or spinning. I need to find a way to heal the tendinitis that is plaguing me. I manage a couple rows on some socks and then its too painful to continue. It is so annoying. I know some women who wear those magnetic bracelets and they seem to help. I will have to look for them soon.


Pam Aries said...

Hey Miss Kate! I love your teapots! I have onethat I love with matching cream and suggr! I'll
ll take a pic and show you! I thought your journal was a Book too! You can always do the other side as well! Man, that must be tough for a knitter to have tendonitis! Dang!

Anonymous said...

I especially love the sheep tea for one set. Those tea for one sets are what I collect :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my Kate I do things like that all the time. Upside down or on the back or something wrong. I love your teapots.

Kai said...

Eternal Wisdom..Very fitting for you!! I hope you're able to heal and get back to weaving n such soon..
In the mean time, have a sopt of tea from your lovely Pots..
You could have one for each day of the week!!
Peace n hugs, Kai.